We Can’t Have Adequate Security Without State Police – Jonathan


Former President Goodluck Jonathan has emphasised the necessity of establishing state police in Nigeria to ensure national security.

Jonathan made this known while speaking at a one-day dialogue organised by the House of Representatives in Abuja which is aimed to address the critical security issues facing the nation.

During his keynote speech, Jonathan reflected on the deliberations from the 2014 national conference, where the concept of state police received unanimous support among delegates alongside other security reforms.

“The debate shouldn’t be about the necessity of state police but rather how they operate,” Jonathan stated, stressing the importance of implementing this measure effectively.

The former president also highlighted the need for broader reforms to enhance the country’s security framework.

He called for a revamp of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure fair and free elections, advocating for minimal use of police forces during electoral processes to prevent undue influence.

Moreover, Jonathan urged for the strengthening of legal frameworks to prevent potential misuse of state police by political actors who could leverage this resource to intimidate rivals or skew political landscapes in their favour.

The statement comes amidst a call for state police in the country due to recurring kidnapping, terrorism and other crimes in the country.

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