What Else Can I Do, I Have Given My Best to Nigeria – President Buhari

Nigeria’s President Muhamamdu Buhari has said he has given his all to Nigeria.
Buhari said he has given his best for the country and that he is not expecting any appreciation from Nigerians.
The president, who spoke on Thursday, January 6, in an exclusive interview with NTA, monitored by The Guardian, added that he expects citizens to acknowledge him after he leaves office.
“What I am expecting is for Nigerians to say this man has done his best.
What else can I do for this country, I have given my best, I hope after I leave, Nigerians will reflect. I am not expecting any appreciation but what I am expecting is for Nigerians to say yes, this man has done his best.” he said
The President added that he hopes to get a well-deserved rest when he leaves office in 2023. According to him, many of his colleagues were now enjoying their retirement, noting that he hopes to emulate them when his tenure ends in 2023.

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