What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist Is A Dangerous Teaching – Daddy Freeze


Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has given his opinion on the popular phrase ‘what God cannot do does not exist’.

The Free The Sheeple leader revealed that the phrase is dangerous because there are some things God can do but certainly would never do.

He revealed that it is because of doctrines like that that people stay and ensure in abusive relationships, hoping that God will come and fix their marital problems for them, or change their partners attitude because they believe what God cannot do does not exist.

In his words he wrote:

“Osinachi DIED!

‘What God cannot do does not exist’ is a very dangerous teaching, simply because there are things God can do, but absolutely WILL NEVER DO!

It is because of doctrines like these that people stay and DIE in bad marriages thinking God will come and do what a simple divorce could fix!



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