Woman Seeks Justice For Husband Stabbed In Stomach By Policemen In Delta


Patience Igwabueze, a 28-year-old petty trader, has called for justice for her husband, Chuks Igwabueze, who was stabbed in the stomach by a policeman in Delta State.

Igwabueze was reportedly stabbed by the policeman while trying to settle a dispute between a shopkeeper and the law enforcement officer, who bought an alcoholic drink.

The aggrieved young lady said her husband’s condition has now deteriorated as he now urinated blood.

Narrating the incident, Patience said, “On January 20, 2022, my husband closed from work and came to my shop, and we all went home. When we got home, my husband said he wanted to go and see one of his friends who was preparing for a burial and at the same time see off two persons who came to visit us.

“On his way back home, my husband stopped to buy something at a nearby shop at the Ezekwu Quarters in Ibusa community. Getting to the shop, he met a policeman quarrelling with the wife of the owner of the shop. My husband intervened and asked the policeman what the woman did to warrant being slapped by him.

“He said whatever the woman did; the policeman ought to have first reported her to the husband instead of descending on the woman. The woman’s husband, who is the owner of the shop, was also there and explained that his wife never insulted the policeman.

“The man explained that when the policeman arrived at the shop, he asked for Alomo Bitters and his wife told him that they had closed shop for the day. According to him, the policeman picked a quarrel with his wife as a result of that.

“When my husband intervened and tried to stop the policeman from further beating the shop owner’s wife, the policeman pushed him and told him to stay out of it.

“When my husband further challenged him, the policeman brought out a dagger and stabbed him in the stomach. He twisted and pulled the dagger, bringing out my husband’s intestines. My husband was rushed to the hospital immediately.”

She added that her husband had already undergone a surgical operation but was now urinating blood.

She further lamented that the family’s savings has been exhausted on medical care for the victim as currently doctors had requested N7, 000 to conduct a scan, which she cannot afford.

“I have borrowed and spent over N200,000 on his treatment since the incident happened. The N200,000 excludes donations from loved ones. Before now, he was in the Intensive Care Unit for four days and we paid N50,000 per day. As I speak to you, it has become difficult for us to feed as a family.

“My children have stopped going to school over inability to pay their fees. Meanwhile, the hospital gave us a bill of almost N500,000.”

Meanwhile, the policeman, who had allegedly stabbed Igwabueze is said to have been arrested but Patience said she had not set her eyes on him to ascertain if the claim of the officer being detained was true or not.

Speaking on legal steps she had taken, the woman said she had gone to the Delta State Coalition of Civil Societies, which filed a petition to the Delta State Police Command.

“But the command said they were not liable; they said they had done their part my arresting the policeman and that we should go and get money for treatment by ourselves.

“But the CSO is insisting that the police should bear the burden of treatment. They said they would sue if the police fail to take responsibility.

“I want justice for my husband. The police should take responsibility for his treatment since it was their officer who stabbed my husband. Since the incident happened, we have not heard from the police; no one has come to visit or check on my husband.

“They have left us to our fate after their officer attempted to kill my husband for nothing. I want justice for my husband and I want the police to take responsibility for his treatment. I am also appealing to good-spirited individuals to help me save my husband’s life,” she added.

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