Your Mates Are Buying Cars – Father Says As He Pushes His Son To Travel To Libya

A Nigerian man has recounted how his father pushed forced him to travel through Libya to Europe in search of greener pastures.
The man who failed to make it has now returned home with lamentations.
The man known as Endurance told LegitTV in an interview that his father pushed him to leave the country because he threatened to disown him if he does not go to Europe or join the Nigerian Army.
According to him, after deciding to do the former, due to financial constraints and lack of requisite documents, he resorted to using land, thus passed Libya, a country where insecurity and safety of travelers is not guaranteed.
He recounted how his father compared him to his mates who are buying properties and living large.
Endurance said; ”In 2017 when I finished my secondary school, my father told me that I should come and travel. When I got to Libya, there was war. Every day, they use to kill people in our camp. One night, they killed 820 people in our camp. They throw bomb in our camp, but God rescued me.
I wanted to cross to Italy. I spent 21-hours on top of the sea. Before you, Libyan people came and now shoot the boat. Out of 180, only 14 of us survived it. And they took us to underground prison. From underground, they now deported us to Nigeria.
“When I came back, I called my father that I couldn’t make it. My father told me that I should not call him again, that anything that concerned me and him is already end.”

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